Single Stroke Roll

The single stroke roll is one of the most important rudiments ever and also one of the most used rudiment in drumming. Your single stroke rolls should always be smooth and clean.

But what can you do if your single strokes sound slopy and noth that smooth?


Here are five tips to develop a clean single stroke roll:

1. Play slow and with metronome

2. Stay relaxed 

3. Play in front of a mirror and look if the strokes are similar

4. Start also with the other hand (e.g. if you play normally R L R L, play also L R L R)

5. Play three quarters in normal time and one quarter in double time

If you practice with these tips your single stroke rolls will soon sound smoother and cleaner

Always be sure to play what you want to play and stay focussed on your movements. You can also use a camera, mobile phone, tablet or what ever to film your playing. This is a good way to evaluate your playing and to see your progress.

After you have mastered this exercise feel free to apply it to the drumset as well. Then you will have the freedom to use it where you want and when you want.

Be sure to play a single stroke roll not only in quarter notes, eight notes or sixteen notes. Try also different note values such as eight note triplets, quintuplets, sixteen note triplets etc. Play quarter notes with your foot on the hi hat so you keep a steady and on going pulse.

Try to feel the movements and use the rebound of the sticks. Play the single stroke roll as a warm up in a relaxed tempo for five minutes starting with right hand and then five minutes starting with your left hand.

Good luck to you, stay safe and healthy and keep on drumming.